BIWF 2014 - Prize Winners

1. prize

Team: Dive Bomb
Project: "Lofty Lady"
Nick Westby, architect, Great Britain
Tom Svilans, architect, Great Britain
Lauren Shevills, stud. arch, Bartlett School of Architecture, Great Britain


2. prize

Team: Lund
Project: "Continuum"
Sweetlana Tutanova, landscape architect, Russia
Chris Thorp, architect, Australia
Xche Balam, industrial designer, Canada


3. prize

Team: Fridag
Project: Q
Frode Ljøkjell, research fellow, KHiB, Norway
Are-Dag Eriksen, stud. design, KHiB, Norway


Honoroble Mention 1

Team: BUE
Project: "Tanoura"
Eslam A.M.S. Metwally, stud. arch, British University of Egypt, Egypt
Salwa A.M al Hejazi, stud. arch, BUE, Libya
Sarah Magdy H.A. Oteifa, teacher, BUE, Egypt


Honoroble Mention 2

Team: Ontario
Project: Rock the boat
Amina Lalor, stud. arch, University of Waterloo, Canada
Stanley Sun, stud. arch, University of Waterloo, Canada
Lily Jeon stud. arch, University of Ryerson, Canada