General information 2014


This year’s festival will be held in Vågsbunnen, the old city center near the Fish Market and the harbour. The constructions will all be built within its ancient streets and places. The site will, in other words, be accessible to the public at all times – participants must keep their worksites tidy, pay particular attention to on-site safety and be careful of curious bystanders, local deliveries to shops in the area and local businesses.


On the 17th of May, the day after the BIWF’s participants have completed their structures, Norway will celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the Constitution of Norway. Bergen will be transformed to a big public celebration with thousands of people in the streets and BIWF will be in the very center of this Anniversary. The Constitution has been the foundation for democracy, civil rights, growth and prosperity which many base their modern lives on. This year’s BIWF will be CONTINUATION. BIWF intends to offer innovative and stunning wooden structures which will exist alongside the Anniversary and add a new dimension to the old city center.


The participants will consist of teams of 3 persons. The invitation will be sent both nationally and internationally to institutions within design, architecture and fine art. In addition to the competition, the programme also has a social and networking dimension. We also want you to get to know Bergen and its surroundings! This is the fifth consecutive Festival, and so far we have had participants from 31 different countries.


BIWF covers food and accommodation for participants, and if necessary, local transportation in Bergen. The participants must cover travel expenses to/from Bergen.

Work process

Our teams will be given a specific site to work on. There are some open areas but most of the construction will take place in the streets. The streets are 5–7 meters wide. Height and length is unlimited, but stability must be documented before permission to build is given. The structures must be free standing, they cannot be fixed to the ground. The teams work within a limited timeperiod every day, and materials will be delivered to the construction site. The teams must prepare their project in the form of a concept, model, sketches or similar and submit their proposals to the organizing committee (see below) with specifications on need for materials.


There is ample access to wood materials:
- dimension 48×48 mm
- dimension 21×48 mm

Special details, like bolts and levers etc, must be provided by the teams. Standard connectors like nails and screws will be available.


The teams must bring their own hand-tools. Electricity, if needed, will be provided to each unit. Two big electric table-saws will be located on the building site.


The completed constructions are the property of the Municipality of Bergen. The works will remain on the site for two weeks. The Bergen International Wood Festival exhibition has, during the last three festivals, been a great success.

The process and projects will be documented. This documentation will be made available to the participants after the project period is over.

The location for this years festival. Vågsbunnen.

The location for this years festival. Vågsbunnen.